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Date: October 15, 12:00 UTC
Available Tokens: 9,000 yRise
Hard-cap: 450 ETH
Soft-cap: 100 ETH
Duration: 7 days or until hard-cap is reached

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YRise Finance

Value, Integrity and Innovation to Decentralized Finance


yRise is an innovative solution for your Decentralized Finance needs, bringing staking, yield farming and fixed-rate savings into a single platform, and making it easier for users to manage their portfolio of DeFi assets. Our platform is one of the most user-friendly platforms in the market, where users find it easy and intuitive to navigate. yRise aims to bring value, integrity and innovation to the Decentralized Finance Ecosystem.

What sets yRise apart from all other DeFi projects:
- We have working product from day one (i.e. high-yield staking is live)
- We will implement a buy-back program of yRise tokens every month
- No whales allowed from Whitelist & Public Sale, equal distribution through all stakeholders
- Strong and engaged community in our Telegram group that brainstorm ideas for further development
- Innovative features for the platform envisioned in the upcoming weeks

Token Summary

Token supply: 30,000 yRise
Presale supply: 9,000 yRise
Staking Rewards: 15,000 yRise
Marketing + Airdrops : 3,000 yRise
Development team (locked 1 year) : 1,500 yRise
Uniswap Liquidity: 1,500* yRise
* = yRise presale last price equivalent of 150 ETH (rest will be burned)

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Q: What is yRise Tokenomics?

A: You can see pie chart here

Q: What is Total Supply?

A: Total Supply will be 30,000 yRise

Q: What made yRise different from other YFamily?

A: - We have working products from the day one
- Buy Back Program Every Months
- No whales allowed from Whitelist & Public Sale
- Equally distribution through all stakeholders
- Thinking of growing together as community
- Many other Features in the Future

Q: Is there any Public Sale?

A: There will be no Private Sale,
Only Whitelist & Public Sale available.

Q: How to join the Whitelist & Public Sale?

A: If you want to join our Whitelist, go to our site yRise.Finance and input your e-mail.

Announcement will be made first for whitelist 1 hour before the Public Sale started.

Q: What are the limitations purchase from Whitelist & Public Sale?

A: Minimum 0.1 ETH and Maximum 3.0 ETH are the requirements,
to join our Whitelist & Public Sale. No whales allowed

Q: How Long for Whitelist & Public Sale?

A: There will be a week period of time, or sales finish which come first.

Q: What is the yRise Price for Whitelist & Public Sale?

A: Whitelist will be able to purchase first 1 hour before,
with the Public Sale Price below:

1 ETH = 20 yRise on the First Day,
1 ETH = 16 yRise for the Second Day,
1 ETH = 13 yRise for the Third Day,
1 ETH = 10 yRise for the Fourth Day,
1 ETH = 8 yRise till the End of the Week.

Q: What will you do if there is any Whitelist & Public Sale left?

A: All unsold Whitelist & Public Sale will be burn out permanently.

Q: What is Uniswap Price Listing?

A: Min. 80% Increase from Whitelist & Public Sale (guaranteed).

Q: When Uniswap Listing?

A: 1 Hour after finished of Public Sale.

Q: Is there a plan to lock liquidity on Uniswap for a specified timeframe?

A: As Promised, We will locked 100% of Uniswap Liquidity for 1 YEAR from 30% of the capped.
The rest 70% will be use for future development.

Q: When you gonna launch the Staking platform?

A: Same as whitelisting time.

Q: What is the marketing you do now?

A: There is a 10% allocation for marketing funds, which will be used for promoter/marketer, Cex Listing, airdrop and many others that support the growth of yRise.

Q: Who is behind the team?

A: Team is anonymous, But rest assure your investment will raise with Us. :)

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